Radwag Wx-010-0122, Thb-R-Multi Pc Software On A Cd For Thb-R

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Software is designed to monitor and register indoor ambient conditions, wherein the said monitoring is based on data collected by measuring devices of Radwag production

Current metrological parameters values are demonstrated in a form of a time diagram, wherein the last 5 minutes are presented

Database files are formed using one of four user-defined methods daily, weekly, monthly, combination of all

Features THB-R-Multi - intended for cooperation with THB-R ambient conditions recorder

Installation package comprises THB-Network Viewer allowing local network users to preview current indications of measuring units

It operates as a user interface intended for collected data presentation, archiving, reporting and for carrying out measuring devices setup

Software is responsible for establishing communication with measuring devices

THB-R-Multi version of the PC software enables record of measurements collected by THB-R Ambient Conditions Recorder.

The measurements are basis for air density calculation

The measurements may also be archived in a local database, MS Access format

The record takes place in a specified time interval

The software continually performs readout of temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure measured by respective devices

The stored data may be previewed and printed in a form of reports and diagrams