Iwatani Za-3Hp Portable Gas Stove Butane

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Iwatani's ZA-3HP model features sturdy construction and enhanced performance

1 hr 14 min/canister

356mm W x 279mm D x 108mm H

For use with Iwatani butane-gas canisters only.

Its heat panel allows you not only to maintain maximum BTU output for the entire life of the fuel canister, but also to cut down on wasted gas

Other features of the stove include 10, 000BTU for the ENTIRE 74mins of use Piezoelectric ignition for easy, consistent and dependable matchless lighting Plastic carrying case for easy portability and storage Automatic safety device that shuts off burner in the event of abnormal pressure buildup within fuel canister CSA listed Fuel consumption 207 g/hr approx

Reduce wasted gas and cook faster

The heat panel does that by countering the canister's natural cooling effect during use