Newt Scamander Wizard Wand

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A Wizardly ReflectionWands reflect their owner

He's a simple wizard, just trying to do his best by the wizarding world and his wand reflects that.Product DetailsNow, you can have a version of Newt Scamander's wand when you get this officially licensed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them accessory

Hermione Granger's wand emits elegance and grace, while Dumbledore's wand looks like the tool of an old and wise wizard.Newt Scamander's wand Well, it's quite simple and ordinary! That's because Newt has never been into flashy spectacles

It measures 14 long and feels like the true sidearm of an experienced wizard!Skip the Trip to Ollivander'sIf you're looking to cosplay as your favorite Harry Potter character, then you don't want to forget to bring your wand along! While it might not help you cast any actual magical spells, it does give you a realistic looking wand without you having to head to Ollivander's shop

It's inspired by the one used by Eddie Redmayne in the films and is made out of molded plastic

Lord Voldemort's wand evokes the images of death and destruction

Severus Snape's wand seems to carry an aura of order and rigidity to it